Thursday, July 25, 2013


I have observed over the last six months that there are some things that will never fail to grow- namely weeds and dustbunnies.  We have our fair share, but we are letting them thrive on lack of attention, as most of our time is focused in a new direction. Our little girl just had her first half-birthday, and she is growing beautifully.

As you may have noticed, and expected, we are not operating at our usual level of productivity.  (This is actually my first blog post of 2013.)  We did just harvest the garlic we planted last fall, and there are some good ones, despite forgetting to fertilize when it sprouted in the spring.  We grew some peas with moderate success.  (I had every intention of photographing them to share, but never got around to it.)  We didn't grow any tomatoes from seed, but we picked up a Brandywine, a Sun Gold, and a grape tomato plant from the garden center.  We're also growing a Fairy Tale eggplant again.  And, because we had room and didn't want to devote any time, we planted three cucumbers and three zucchini.  (If you've never grown cucumbers or zucchini, that could result in a ridiculous amount of produce.) 

It's a good thing we'll have help.  That is, if we decide to use the cucumbers as teething toys.  (She's too young to actually eat cucumber.)  My first attempt at a zucchini puree didn't go over as well as roasted peaches, but I'm working on it. 

And that is what we're up to.