Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let There Be Light!

(If you get updates to my blog by email, you likely received an old post disguised as a new one yesterday.  I have no idea how it happened.  Feedburner, the tool that sends new posts out into world, has developed a random mind of its own, and must have thought it was time I said something.)

I haven't provided a bathroom update in a while (or any updates for that matter), but this is a truly exciting development that I have to share. 

The skylight was installed in our previously windowless bathroom last Friday.  Do you hear the chorus of hallelujahs?  Or, at least, the birds chirping?  And, see the little shelf created above the doorway and below the skylight? 

That's there so we can bring some plants into our new space.  I did a little research and learned that African violets and peace lilies tolerate humidity well, making them good bathroom plants.  I like the idea of having plants that flower in there.  Exciting.

Words and photographs cannot do the natural light justice.  It makes an incredible difference.  We've been wandering around the house wondering what other dark corners could be brightened up by a new window or skylight.

The walls have been framed, and the electrician has done his wiring.  Now we are waiting for the plumber to come and center the shower drain (since the shower will be bigger, the drain has to move about a foot), and remove the toilet and sink.  Then we're hiring someone to install the drywall, which will help to move this project along.  And then Matt and his dad will install the new shower.  Progress is slow, but sure.  Which is okay, because I still haven't made a decision or ordered the tile.


Tortla Dot said...

Gorgeous! Your design imagination is realized and proves to be absolutely Divine!

Lakisha Autin said...

So, how were you keeping the atmosphere in your bathroom fresh and clean without a window? It’s possible with exhaust fans, but things would’ve been easier and more natural with a window. So, this skylight is really an improvement. It’s great to have one right above the shower! :)