Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Mid-August Garden

Everything is in full swing.

The Upper Garden
There are 8 tomato plants in there, the tallest of which (Black Cherry), is over 7 feet.

The Lower Garden
There are 5 tomato plants on stakes in the back (the tallest of which is, again, Black Cherry).  The basil on the left is elbow height, and in front of that there are 3 peppers (2 out of 3 with one pepper growing on each so far), and then our two prolific eggplants in front of those.  The zucchini on the right overcrowded and shaded the cucumbers so they never grew, but they probably never stood a chance, because they're prone to the same sad disease(s) the zucchini harbor.  The plants look healthy from a distance, but we haven't eaten a zucchini yet, and we probably won't.  Some would say I should have pulled the plants, but I'm still hoping for a miraculous come back.  I think it's bacterial wilt, brought on by the yellow and black striped cucumber beetles I just can't seem to shake.  Little zucchini do form, but then they rot before they grow.

The Good:

Black Cherry

Ripening Brandywine
The Bad:

Sick Zucchini

Bacterial wilt?
And, the Future:


I also planted carrots, beets, cilantro, kale and swiss chard.  We'll see what happens!

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