Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shasta Daisies

I never really thought much of them, but I have been loving the simple yet wild look of shasta daisies blooming alongside tiger lilies lately.  We have loads of tiger lilies, but no shasta daisies.  So, I got some to add mid-summer interest to the back of the peony bed.
To the right I also planted a "Hamlen" dwarf grass, because I like the fuzzy ends.
To the left there is one of my few propagated hydrangea success stories. 
It's growing well and looking healthy, and I expect we'll get flowers next year.  I can't remember what variety it is, but I hope they'll be blue or purple, which will add some nice additional contrast to the orange lilies and white daisies.

I'm going to propagate some more hydrangea next week.  If you've never tried it and are interested in taking directions from someone who so far has a slightly better than 10 percent success rate, I'll show you how I do it.

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Ellina said...

Hydrangea color depends on how much acidity is in the soil -- so, you can add acidity and change the color yourself. :-)