Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Flowers, Weekend Plans

Despite a few pretty things still struggling to make us look good, our yard is looking like a hot mess these days.  This Montauk (or Nippon) Daisy is a good example.  It's in full bloom, as it should be in October
but it's looking rather leggy.  I looked it up and learned that I should cut it down to 8 inches in May to keep this from happening.  Good to know.  Next year.

This hydrangea has performed for us beautifully, inside and out, since June,
but it looks like it could really use a little breathing room.

The dahlias were crowded out from the beginning and infested by something that ate most of the foliage, but this sad little flower still perseveres.

Speaking of persevering, it looks like the zucchini feels guilty for only providing us with a handful or so over the summer.  It's still trying to make a go of it.
Do you see the baby zucchinis at the bottom?  They just might have a shot, because we're expecting unusually warm temperatures this weekend.  It's supposed to be 84 degrees on Sunday.

In addition to doing some yard clean-up this weekend, we've got garlic and tulip bulbs to plant, a few painting projects to finish up, and maybe a little project involving seaweed.  (Seaweed?  I'll share more on that next week if we get to it.)  Since it's going to be so beautiful, we're also determined to get in one last trip in the kayaks. 

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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