Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Chairs, Modern Fabric

Time spent researching is always necessary, but it's not as much fun as time spent creating.  We finally ordered a new stove and microwave to match, which took a while, but cooking dinner will be much less annoying when we don't have to worry about the burners going in and out.  The new appliances are also going to make our biggest event- Thanksgiving- a lot easier, because now we'll have a double oven, and convection in the microwave to boot.

I'm also hoping I'll have some new chairs in the living room by Thanksgiving.  I've been trying to find the right fabric to bring new life to the antique chairs from the free yard sale haul a couple of months ago. 

I think I'm going to move the teak chairs, the most modern part of the room, upstairs to the bedroom,

and now with the addition of the antique table I just fixed up

I am worried that the addition of the antique chairs might make the room start to feel too...old. 

I want our living room to be comfortable, a little eclectic, young and fun.  I've found lots of examples, a few of which I really like, where a bold modern fabric is used on an antique chair, which is just the sort of thing I think I need.
via Design Sponge

via Design Sponge

Lilly's Notebook via Little Green Notebook
I also found this makeover of a rocker exactly like the one I picked up at the free yard sale. via Design Sponge
Inspiring, right?  But, I've been having a hard time finding a fabric that speaks to me, never mind actually fitting with the color scheme in the room.  Here are a bunch that have caught my eye...
Madeleine Terracotta (Calico Corners)

Expedition Coral (Calico Corners)

Fripps Lemon (Calico Corners)

Westminster Aqua/Green (Calico Corners)

Tribal Thread (

Blue Wovens (
This new collection was mentioned in this month's Coastal Living- Jubilee from Thibault.  It was Sunburst (on the pillow here) that sent me looking for more.
Pillow is Thibault Jubilee Starburst in Apple Green
The geometric pillow comes in blue/white, and blue/green, among others, which could definitely work in the living room.
Thibault Jubilee Kozar in orange.
 This ikat is an indoor/outdoor fabric.
Thibault Jubilee Thai Ikat in Apple Green

Lots of pretty things to look at, but I'm not sure I've come any closer to a decision.  I'm going to get a bunch of swatches and see if there's something here.  What do you think? Anything catch your eye?

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Tortla Dot said...

I like the antique chairs for use in the room. I prefer the chair fabric more than the pillow on the third to last photo. The TJK in orange is appealing too. The scale of the pattern on the makeover rocker is a playful contrast to the age of the pieces and makes them more of a design concept.

Congrats on the stove decision. Will you post some of your considerations? I'm in the selection process, but looking for simple and low cost yet satisfying. Sort of my garlicy-good beans vs your dinner of several yummy courses!