Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sideboard

Earlier in the week I provided a sneak peak of one of our weekend souvenirs.
This was the end of a long hunt, with a different result than I had expected. 

I have a few regular Craigslist searches (headboard, queen, antique, empire, shutters...), and for a year now I've been looking for a sideboard or buffet to go in this entry way:

What's there now is an unfinished pine cabinet I bought for my apartment 15 years ago.  I was hoping to find something with a little more character, in keeping with the style of our house, like a classic sideboard, with legs- so I could easily clean under and behind it.  I was looking for something priced low because the finish was in poor condition, but that might be a good candidate for painting.  I liked the look of these:

Lee Kleinhelter via Style Court via Urban Grace Interiors

Country Home via Urban Grace Interiors
Last Thursday night I did a search that resulted in a quite promising find that I would normally pass over because it was just over the New Hampshire border, a good hour and a half from our house.  Craigslist photos are not always what they seem, and an hour and a half is a long way to drive for a less-than-certain purchase. But, we were heading up to Vermont the next night, so I decided it might be worth a short detour off the highway.  And it was. 

We bought this from a younger couple who said they bought it at an auction on a farm a few years ago.  They didn't know much more about it.  It has dovetail joints, and it is solid. As far as I can tell there's not a bit of veneer on the piece.  There are a few dings here and there, but I think they're charming.  So charming that I don't even want to paint it.

Someone did attempt to strip the finish off the top
but it's so perfect for our needs, because now I don't have to worry about the plants damaging the finish. 

The best part is that I don't need to do any patching, sanding, priming, or painting.  Oh, and, that we got it for $75.  Not bad, right?
What do you think?


Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Ooh la-la! It looks great :) Do have any plans for the previous piece?

Anonymous said...

I think you and your website are very cool.

J said...

Love it!