Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Souvenirs

This weekend we went to a "Brew-Grass Festival" (microbrews and bluegrass) at Sugarbush on Saturday, and hiked Killington on Sunday, checking off our fourth out of the five 4,000 foot peaks in Vermont.  We spent the earlier part of the day on Saturday at the local farmer's market, where we picked up a Black Cherry tomato plant
"Tom" awaiting planting in the garden
and these slate markers for some of our herbs.

The sage isn't looking so hot...
I had a hard time choosing just three.  The artist said he creates a stencil and uses a sandblaster. I'm not sure that's a DIY project I'm ready to tackle just yet, and I know I'll probably end up getting more the next time I'm there.
The biggest souvenir of the weekend is a Craigslist find we retrieved in New Hampshire on the way up.  Here's a sneak peak:

I am so excited about this.  More coming soon.

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