Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Make it Mobile

This is one of those projects to be filed in the "Why didn't we do that sooner?" folder, which is stored right next to the "Why didn't we think of that?" folder.

We have this lovely old sideboard on our porch that has a long history. 
It was in the basement of the house my family moved into in 1974, where it was used to store half-empty cans of paint.  It served that purpose for many years in that house, and the next, until my sister painted it red and used it to store records.  When she was done with it, we received it in pretty rough shape,
but figured it would be perfect for the porch if we fixed it up.  We've used it there for a couple of seasons, where it serves a couple of purposes.  First, it holds some outdoor glasses and dishes.  I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that it also holds a cable box and TV.  We had mixed feelings about putting a TV out there, but decided it was okay if we had limits on what we watched on the porch. It's for Red Sox games, the Kentucky Derby, golf tournaments, and the occasional tennis match.  Outdoor-friendly programming.  There's no sitcom or reality television watching.  That habit is restricted to the family room. 

Anyway, the cabinet is useful, but sometimes we want to angle the TV, and it's hard to open the cabinet doors to get dishes out with the settee in the way....
So, we put wheels on it. 
The casters came from Home Depot, the motivation came on a day when we were desperate to cross something off our list.  It took ten minutes, a drill, and some screws, and now the sideboard has wheels.

I couldn't just stop there.  Wheels can make lots of things easier, and I immediately thought of the tremendously heavy shoe storage thingy in my "off-season" closet.  It's more like a crawl space with an angled ceiling.
Now that there are wheels on it, I can roll it out of the closet, pick out my shoes,
and then roll it back in. 
It also makes it easier to clean in there.

What have you got in your house that would benefit from being mobile?

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