Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shell Art, Parts II and III

We survived Irene unscathed, but we haven't had the internet (or television) for the last few days, which feels like a temporary loss of limb to me.  I'm relieved to be back, with lots to share!

My first installment of shell art is still my favorite, but I had to put the rest of the shells we picked up on the beach in Wellfleet to use, and wanted to get this in before summer is over.  

I have been saving this packaging for over three years with a quick project like this in mind.  These were some lovely cloth coasters I received as a wedding shower gift. 

The wood packaging had sort of a distressed look

and I thought it could be easily repurposed as cheap art. And, I was right.  Here it is.

I glued the shells on, drilled a couple of holes in the corners, and hung it on a nail with some twine.  Quick and easy, and I think it looks pretty nice.
With more scallop shells still on my hands, I picked up a grapevine wreath from A.C. Moore
and glued on the shells. 
I think it looks nice here near the sideboard in our front entryway/livingroom area. 

Note the new seagrass shades.  I'm going to share the new shades and sofa on the other side of the room tomorrow, way before the living room makeover is complete, because I still have some decisions to make, and I am hoping you'll be able to provide some advice. 

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Tortla Dot said...

The new shell projects look very MA. Shore. I think they will be handsome all winter as a reminder of summer's events. That would include anything from Pizza on the Beach to Irene's Mojitos - perfectly served on cloth coasters, of course.