Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shell Art

When we were in Wellfleet a few weekends ago, the sand bar was covered in scallop shells, and we gathered a bunch.  So many, actually, that this is my first of three pieces of "shell art."  Maybe four. 
I picked up this frame on clearance at TJMaxx a few years ago.  I liked the distressed wood, but it had no glass, which is probably why it was on clearance.  I hoped it would come in handy some day.
I used spray adhesive to adhere some fabric to the cardboard backing.  I would have used burlap if I had it, but this was some leftover tweed-y fabric from when I turned the coffee table into an ottoman
Of course, I didn't have one scrap that was big enough, so I pieced two together and lined them up so the seam would be behind the shells. 

Then I glued the shells on.  I used Gorilla Glue, which is certainly overkill, but there was so little overlapping surface area on the shells, I wanted to make sure they were going to stick well where they did touch.  In fact, a few had to be glued a second time.

And, here's what it looks like hanging on our porch.

I also thought it was overkill when I used Gorilla Glue to cover the shade of that (free) garage-sale lamp in rope, but I'm glad, because it's holding up quite well.  Please note that the lamp does actually work now, thanks to an easy fix with an $8 kit from Lowe's.

You may have also noticed (though I wish you hadn't) that our porch floor is still not stained.  The before-summer-starts project has now become a #1 priority before-summer-ends project.  Stay tuned for more porch improvements, and certainly more shells, coming soon.  Anyone have any suggestions for something to do with large clam shells?


Tortla Dot said...

Cool scallop shells. Large clam shells used to be re-used as ashtrays. Luckily few people smoke anymore. Sometimes they were filled with citronella candle wax. Now I only use them for drainage in flower pots. Still have trouble resisting the urge to take them home from the beach, though.

J said...

I love it! That little area look so cozy and inviting.