Monday, August 1, 2011

August Plans

We were in Wellfleet on Saturday, enjoying what summer is all about- good weather, good friends, good times.  I had fun playing around with Instagram, an iPhone app I just downloaded.  You can select from fifteen different filters, like "Lord Kelvin," "1977," and "Earlybird."  Unfortunately, I can't remember which is which, but they still look cool.
I had high hopes for these picture of the guys playing bocce, but either the sun or my finger got in the way.
Every. Single. Time.  Our friend took this very nice photo with a real camera.
We had lunch in Chatham with family on Sunday, then drove home, checked the vegetables, and went to the beach for an hour or so in the early evening, where we talked about our August plans.

Here's our list:
1. Dinner at the beach.  We haven't done this since July 3rd, and we'd like to do much more of it in August.
2. Kayak from Minot to Bassings Beach.  It's a short trip, but we've never done it, and this is the month.
3. Finish staining the porch.  There are some porch upgrades that go along with this.  Stay tuned.
4. Living room revamp.  We've got new shades to install, a new sofa on the way, and a couple small projects to wrap up and make our living room a place we want to live in.  I can't wait to share the finished product!
5.  Plan and plant the fall vegetable garden.  I'm determined to get some arugula without holes in it.  We've got some kale, carrots, and parsnips to plant, and maybe a few more things.

How do you plant to spend the rest of the summer?

Happy August 1st!

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