Monday, August 8, 2011

Minot to Bassings

We've had no problem crossing the fun items off our short August to-do list.  Last week we had dinner at the beach, and Saturday we tackled the kayak from Minot to Bassings Beach.  All in all, it was about a 25 minute trip around, but it was our first time taking the kayaks out on the ocean, which was a little intimidating. 

We started on Minot Beach, went around the tip there, between Minot Light and the Adams estate, and landed on Bassings.

I was too busy being paranoid about sharks to take any pictures en route, but here's a shot from Bassings Beach of the Adams Estate, with Minot light in the background. 
The Adams estate was once John Quincy Adams' summer home, and is still privately owned.  There were about 25 cars in the parking lot.  Can you imagine having access to a house that size, inviting 30 of your closest friends for the weekend?

After some sandwiches and beach time, we went back through the marshes, the way we usually kayak.  At high tide, we were able to ride the kayaks right in to the Minot Beach parking lot.

Much more relaxing, plenty of photo ops.  (Here's me resting before we've even really started going.)
We also picked up our new sofa this weekend, and installed the seagrass roman shades.  The living room is starting to come together, but I have some decisions to make about painting tables and lamps, and a couple other small projects to complete.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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casey said...

I always wondered what that huge house was on that point - thanks for the education Karen! Fascinating!! Who knew? (obviously you!) Great article. Would love to kayak Minot/Bassings beach... 1 day. :-)