Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Driftwood Wall Hanging

I made this while watching the Patriots game on Sunday.  The driftwood was collected over the summer, and has been sitting in a bowl since, waiting for me to discover its purpose.  I saw something similar on Pinterest (or maybe I pinned it on Apartment Therapy?) made with a wire hanger. I decided to try a more natural look and used twine.  It took about a half hour to complete the project, minus a minor delay when I realized I hadn't cut long enough pieces of twine and had to figure out a way to attach more.  (There's an extra knot hiding behind one of the middle pieces of driftwood.)  

Here's what you need:

Here's how you do it:
1.Cut two pieces of string that are three or four times as long as you want your wall hanging to be.
2. Fold each piece of string in half, and drape one over each side of the anchor (top) piece of driftwood.  (I'm just showing one side here.)

3. Wrap the back piece of twine up and over the driftwood on both sides,

and tie a knot at the bottom to hold it in place. 

4. About two inches down, tie another knot.  (Make sure the knots are evenly spaced on each side so the wall hanging will be balanced.)

5. Repeat with as many pieces of driftwood as you want, and then snip the end of your twine. 

I like it even more than I expected.  What do you think?


Tortla Dot said...

Looks cool- great idea!

Allie Brown said...

Love it!! Just out of curiosity, how did you mount it to the wall?