Friday, January 27, 2012

Rope Mirror

Both Nate Berkus and Martha Stewart have tutorials on how to make a rope mirror.  I saved them both months ago, but couldn't decide which one I liked better.

In the end, I found that the rope I bought didn't lend itself to tying a nice knot like Martha's.  I couldn't tie the knot tight enough.
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So I decided to do it the Nate Berkus way.  The tutorial explains it all, but I have a few notes. 

1. In Nate Berkus' world, rope seems to easily lie flat, but mine required clamping to hold it in place once glued.  (Maybe it's the rope I bought, manila off the roll at Home Depot.)
2. Use glue that dries clear.  I didn't.  I wound up doing a little scraping and trimming, and then I wrapped a piece of twine around the edge to conceal what I couldn't scrape off.  Twine cures all.

In the end, it's a cheap and quick project, and I think it turned out alright.

Have a great weekend!


Tortla Dot said...

Looks terrific! From boating experience ... Some rope tends to kink as it was stored. New rope is generally less relaxed. Some fibers and twist styles are less prone to kinking.

You chose well and the end result is handsome!

Jan said...

It looks great! Can you tell me what size mirror did you use and did you have any issues with it being to "heavy" for hanging on your wall from the rope "hanger"? Did you use something like Super Glue?