Monday, January 23, 2012

Tear Down This Wall

There's no turning back now.  The bathroom project is under way.

I took a few celebratory whacks with the sledgehammer, and helped to clean up the rubble, but most of the 500 pounds of drywall and beams came down thanks to the muscle of my other half. 

How do I know it was 500 pounds?  They weighed the truck at the dump before and after the debris was unloaded.  (Once again- I'll be honest- I had no role in this process.) The charge was $33, the first expenditure for this remodel. 

Tools used:
the aforementioned sledgehammer
sawzall (to cut the studs)
the trusty shop-vac

While the wall was being torn down, I made soup and worked in an ADD-like fashion on several other projects I've got going simultaneously.  And then I vacuumed.  Twice.  Tearing down a wall creates a lot of dust.  If we were smart we would have sealed off the area with plastic.  But we didn't. 

This week, I'll share some other projects that pale in significance to this one.  Stay tuned...


Tortla Dot said...

You go girl! I heard the brunch was good too!

Tortla Dot said...

Forgot to say - I love Matt's portrait with hammer!