Friday, January 13, 2012

More Bathroom Inspiration

I've had a terrible cold and haven't been doing much besides working this week, but the February home magazines have been piling up, so I had to look through a few, and two bathrooms caught my eye. 
Country Living
This rustic vanity graces the cover of Country Living at a better angle.  I love the idea of a farmhouse sink in the bathroom, but I'm not sure we have the real estate.  It looks amazing, and would really help keep the water where it belongs.

And from House Beautiful, this shower in a house in East Hampton, NY is the spitting image of my dream.
House Beautiful
I love the combination of green glass and marble.  I especially like how the tile not only goes to the ceiling, it covers it.  Beautiful, indeed.  Note the marble shower base, and the wood floors.  Love.

When are they going to start that bathroom, you ask?  Soon, soon.  This weekend is reserved for some much needed rest, cleaning the house, and a bunch of little projects that have been bugging us. So we'll be in good shape to start the bathroom weekend?

I hope you all have a restful and productive weekend!

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Tortla Dot said...

Rest is good! We plan to do similar.

Regarding bathrooms .... love your glass/marble combo. I'm under-impressed with farm sinks.

Ours is the same as when we bought it in 2003. It probably is the same as when the house was built in 1983. Talk about potential! Maybe next year. I'm not even putting it on my list for this year - still recuperating from the kitchen re-do.