Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Craigslist Score

My obsession with Craigslist might be a little unhealthy.  But just when I think I waste too much of my time looking at other people's junk, I find gems like these.
I love the shape, and they're a nice size.  They're made by Henredon and are now mine for a mere $25.  I picked them up from a woman at Harvard this morning who is moving to California and getting rid of some of her favorite things.  I promised to give them a good home.  Maybe they would look good on either side of the sofa I've been stalking for our living room.
Or they would make cute nightstands for the guest room.  They're a little banged up, but I think I might paint them.  My limited experience with stripping and staining furniture has been a complete failure thus far (more on that another time), plus there seems to be a veneer on top.   Centsational Girl has some wonderful examples of colorful pieces here.    What color should I paint them??

1 comment:

Rita said...

Please Don't Paint them!!