Friday, April 29, 2011

The Mud Area

We don't have enough space for a mud room, but there was a little spot by the side-door entry into our kitchen that we made more functional.  Before we moved in, the area looked like this:
(I don't have a before photo of the other side of the door, unfortunately.)
I wanted a place to hang our coats, store hats and gloves, sit down to put on or take off our shoes, keep our wet boots off the floor, hold our bags, our keys.  Big demands.  My father-in-law designed a couple of simple pieces based on my specifications, and together he and his son built this:

For the seat, I went back to CushionSource where I bought some of the porch cushions, and ordered those great big hooks from House of Antique Hardware.  The baskets came from Michael's. 

For the other side, I bought a wooden plaque at A.C. Moore, which we painted, added three more hooks, and mounted on the lower cabinet. 

I put three tiny hooks at the bottom of an old shutter and mounted it on the upper cabinet. 

My favorite part is the boot tray.  I picked up this tray at Target, and filled it with rocks we collected at the beach.  All the snow and grit drains off your boots into the rocks instead of letting them sit in a muddy mess.  I can't take credit for the idea- I saw it on Apartment Therapy
I also put felt pads on the bottom so I could slide it in and out when I vacuum, because a tray full of rocks is quite heavy.
I have a few new projects brewing, a couple involving old shutters, and another using more beach rocks.  I'll let you know how things turn out.


Ellina said...

Love the boot rocks idea!!

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