Friday, April 22, 2011

Digging the Earth (Day)

We had no idea today was Earth Day when we planned this to be the day we dig our garden.  What a great coincidence!  My partner in life and vegetable growing did most of the digging, while I picked out the weeds and rocks. 
Now we have to pray that it doesn't rain before we have a chance to mix in the three yards of compost tomorrow. 

We had to do a little math in order to figure out what we needed.  Our garden is approximately 12' x 17', and we figured we want a total depth of 18 inches, so we're going to mix in 6 inches of the good stuff (or .5 feet). 17 x 10 x .5 = 85 cubic feet / 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard = 3.15 yards of compost.

By the way, did you check out that garlic??  I'm so proud.
Did you plant something, recycle something, or just enjoy being outside on Earth Day?

1 comment:

Tortla Dot said...

No new plantings here but many smiles were seen in the sunshine at the gym pool.

An Earth Day bag for you will arrive by special messenger on 4/28.

Love your garlic! Watch out for Peter Rabbit!