Thursday, May 12, 2011

Early Rhododendrons

These are the first blooming rhododendrons I've seen this year, and they're in our yard (which I'll admit makes them more noticeable to me).  These are always early, but our others tend to bloom on the very late side to balance things out.

They're not much to look at, at the moment.  The late bloomers have been on an every-other-year schedule for spectacularness, and, if they keep it up, this year should be spectacular.  On the off years, they bloom, but the blooms are much fewer. 

We bought a couple of new rhododendrons a year and a half ago, at a fall sale.  We were told they were fast growers, and we were hoping to create more of a barrier between our yard and our neighbors.  They actually looked worse last spring, and last summer we dug them up, soaked the roots, replanted them, and they did a little better. 
I don't have much hope for these guys.  Still, I'll ask at the garden center if they have any ideas.  Or I'll just be patient and hope. 

I do need to seek out some advice about a couple of our holly trees that seemed to have developed a black mold.
Sad. It seems like everything needs a little attention at the moment.   At least we have this:

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Tortla Dot said...

As luck would have it, I was doing research on sooty mold (just found on my eugenia and firebush) when I allowed myself to be distracted to GoodBetterNest for a little R&R.
Hmmm...looks like you might have sooty mold on your beautiful holly. Here's is how we handle it in Florida: