Monday, May 23, 2011

Heritage Gardens

Yesterday my mom and I went to Heritage Gardens in Sandwich to look at the rhododendrons in bloom. 

And then the battery ran out on my camera.

Our main reason for being there was for an informal lesson on caring for hydrangeas.  I'll tell you more about what we learned tomorrow.

In the afternoon, I planted an herb garden for my mom.  I had to take this picture with my phone. I found a spot for her perennial herbs (tarragon, oregano, sage, chives and two kinds of thyme) on a bed along a rock wall on the side of the house.

And then my phone battery died, so I had to take this picture with my sister's phone.  I put some mint and her annual herbs (Thai basil, Italian basil, parsley and dill)in a bed right outside her kitchen window, so she'll remember to water them.
 I am looking forward to see how much they've grown next time I visit.

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Tortla Dot said...

Thanks for the Northern "vacation"! We are fighting lovebugs and mosquitoes, plus HEAT! My azaleas bloomed in March, but that's it for the year for them. Hydrangea and Rhododendron are available at the florist or in photos. Thanks for sending this fresh bouquet of Heritage Gardens in full bloom!