Friday, May 20, 2011

The Yellow Room

A while ago I shared this picture of one of our bedrooms, taken before we moved in.

The wall was knocked down, the carpet was torn up, baseboard was added, the floor was finished, and everything was painted.  (It sounds so simple summed up like that...)

And here are some after shots:

(Where's the wall obstructing all flow??)

We're using what we have and the decorating is spare for the moment.  I saved that window treatment from an old apartment for 10 years and was determined to use it, but I'm not sure it's going to work.  I have to play with it some more.  There will be a desk and office storage area across from the bed, but I'm still looking for the storage half of it, so our disorganized mess is elsewhere until that comes together. 

Did you notice the paint samples in the hallway in the last photo?  We're stripping the wallpaper and painting out there as part of our next big project.  I think we've settled on the second from the top, Benjamin Moore Oatmeal.  I'll tell you more about those plans later.  For now, I want to enjoy the finished projects.

Happy weekend!

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