Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saucer Magnolia

I love these trees.  Every year I admire them blooming in other people's yards.

By process of elimination I've determined, I think, that it's Saucer magnolia (Magnolia × soulangeana). 

I saw some Jane magnolias (or, liliflora ‘Nigra’ x M. stellata ‘Rosea’) at the garden center.  The flowers seem a little darker.  I think this is a Jane.

Also pretty, but my heart lies with the Saucer.  I've even picked out the spot where I would put it in our yard.
Right in the middle there.  (Please excuse the dandelions.) Isn't that spot just crying out for a beautiful tree?  Our neighbor had said he was going to build a retaining wall between our property and his, so we've been holding out on doing anything with this space until then.  But, maybe if I planted a small tree in far enough from the property line, I wouldn't have to wait.

While I was out in the yard scoping out this spot, I also captured some tulips that just popped up in front.

Pretty, huh?  The funny thing is, they've never been there before, and we have no idea where they came from.  They're welcome to stay, of course.


Tortla Dot said...

Seven or eight years after moving into our house we are still finding garden surprises that could only have come from the previous owner. How lucky we are!

Tortla Dot said...

Okay, Lover of Food and Plants ... Here is a scientific/artistic/philosophic experiment you might enjoy. It deals with providing conditions for "Flavorful Photosynthesis".