Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bathroom Before

Welcome to our bathroom.
Notice how close the door is to the sink.  Now imagine washing your face at that sink, which is only 30 inches high.  That hits me at the top of the thigh, and I'm only 5'4". 

Did you notice the blue fixtures?  (Yes, I know that some people covet this retro look, and I will make one of them very happy when I give these away on Craigslist.)  What you can't see is that the toilet and sink are actually two slightly different shades of robin's egg blue.

The mirror has an antique finish.  

The faucet is corroded and leaks. 
The sink looks like it is falling off the wall, but that's just a cosmetic issue, so far. 

I present the shower, in all its fiberglass glory:
There's no light above, so it's pretty dark when the curtain is closed.  The one light is a combination light/fan over the sink.

The walls have no tile or paint.  There's no counter space or storage, aside from the small free-standing cabinet we've squeezed in the corner. It will be an easy bathroom to demo. 

This wall is coming down:

How long will it take to move the door frame, build the wall back up, with a closet on either side, install a new tile shower, put in a skylight and finish the floor?  (The floor plans can be found here.) We'll get a plumber to install the fixtures and an electrician put in the lights.    I'm setting my sites on 4 months, with room to open that up to 6 months.  The real question is, when do we start?

Do you have any bathroom remodeling experience?  Words of wisdom welcome. 

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Tortla Dot said...

Relax and take a vacation. The bathroom will look remarkably better through rose colored glasses.