Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bathroom Inspiration

A few weeks ago I shared the floor plans for our upcoming bathroom remodel.  I've been thinking about this for over 4 years, so I've pretty much decided exactly what I want our new bathroom to look like. 

The shower will have 2x8 green glass tiles, like these.
Pottery Barn
The shower door will be glass, to help the room to feel more open.
Pinned Image

We're going to build a vanity, something like this from Restoration Hardware.
Pinned Image

I also love this rustic look, but the shelves on the one above are more practical.
Pinned Image
from Ana Spiro, via Little Green Notebook

I was planning on a carrara marble countertop,though someone has recently suggested that we consider wood, maybe something like the after here?

I am hoping to find a deal on this unfortunately pricey Cifial nickel faucet, but so far, no luck.
 Pinned Image
I like the idea of being able to control the water temperature with one handle.  I get easily frustrated.  Most single-handle faucets are very modern, but this one suits our style perfectly.

We're going to build a medicine cabinet like this one, from Restoration Hardware, too.
Shutter Medicine Cabinet from Restoration Hardware

And these nickel sconces from Pottery Barn will go on either side.
Pinned Image

On the walls, I'd like to do a board and batten treatment, something like this.
Pinned Image via Pinterest
White on the bottom, pale green on the top. 

The subway tiles are almost exactly the same color as the Benjamin Par Four we have in the guest room, so I think I'll use that same color. 

Because we'll be installing a sky light, we're going to try to bump out the ceiling a little bit, and maybe we can do some paneling or more board and batten up there.
Pinned Image via Pinterest

We're still deciding on what kind of floors to get.  I want wood, but some say it's impractical in a bathroom, which is not an unreasonable point.  Still, I can't imagine it without wood.  Tile feels so cold and hard to me. The decision is also complicated by the need to install heat somehow (Did I mention that our current bathroom has no heat?) and I'm not sure if we can put radiant heat under wood floors. 

So, can you picture how it will all come together?  Me neither.  I feel like this bathroom sort of gives an idea of the feeling I'm going for.
love the angled ceilings, our color scheme
Better Homes and Gardens
Only ours probably won't feel as big, and we'll have a shower instead of a tub, and the vanity is on top of the dresser on the right side of the room, and the window is on the ceiling.  And the floor is wood.

It will take a while for it to come together for real, and I'm sure there will be some decision changes along the way, but I can't wait for the end result.  Next week, I'll show you just how sad the current bathroom is, and maybe you'll agree that we should be commended for living with it as long as we have.

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